Current lab members

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Molly Schumer is an assistant professor in Biology. She is interested in understanding the ways in which hybridization impacts genetic and evolutionary processes.




Stepfanie Aguillon is an incoming postdoc in the lab interested in using hybrid zones and genomic tools to understand the speciation process. To learn more about her research and find copies of her publications, visit her website.






Shreya Banerjee is a technician in the lab. She is interested in using genomic techniques to answer evolutionary and ecological questions.



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Tris Dodge is a graduate student interested in how hybridization can enable rapid adaptation, particularly in response to human-driven environmental change. Tris wants to combine molecular data with field studies to understand how genome structure interacts with ecology to shape the functional consequences of hybridization.







Theresa Gunn is our lab and fish room manager.








Quinn Langdon is a postdoc in the lab who spent her graduate career thinking about yeast hybrids in beer, wine, cider, and the wild. She is interested in hybrids across all life, and the evolutionary pressures and genomic consequences of hybridization.




Ben Moran is a graduate student in the lab who is  interested in how patterns of gene flow change across the spectrum from homogeneous populations to well-diverged species. He plans to connect the evolution of genomes under gene flow to mechanisms of reproductive isolation, and apply this knowledge to the conservation of genetic diversity in threatened populations.




Cheyenne Payne is a graduate student using genomic and proteomic tools to explore whether hybridization facilitates adaptation to environmental stress in parental species and hybrid populations.





Dan Powell is a postdoc in the lab interested in hybridization and sexual selection.






Ken Thompson is joining the lab as a postdoc in 2021 and is interested in using field experiments to disentangle the various forms of selection underlying hybrid incompatibilities.




Lab alumni




Dani Blakkan was our lab and fish room manager from 2019-2020.