Our paper on a melanoma hybrid incompatibility is out in Science with an accompanying perspective piece by Andrius Dagilis & Daniel Matute.

Congratulations to Cheyenne Payne for passing her quals with flying colors!

Huge congratulations to Quinn Langdon for being awarded a NSF Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Biology! This will support Quinn’s research on comparative genome evolution in hybrids.

We are excited to have two new pre-prints from the lab: a simulation tool for local ancestry inference and a tour de force on a melanoma hybrid incompatibility from genetic mapping to analyses of selection led by Dan Powell.

Congratulations to Quinn Langdon for being awarded the Center for Evolutionary and Human Genomics postdoctoral fellowship!

Congratulations to incoming graduate student Ben Moran for receiving two competitive fellowships in support of his graduate research! Ben will be a Knight-Hennessy fellow at Stanford and also received an NSF GRFP.

Nice summary and discussion of our 2017 PNAS paper on assortative mating in hybrids on the Molecular Ecologist blog

Our work on hybridization is covered in Science News

eLife highlight feature on collaboration with Zach Baker and Molly Przeworski